Double Acute Communication Design is the company of Rita Paráda. She is a designer with formal design education and a solid background in interactive multimedia and interface design, flash and video, as well as web design and print communications design.

Double Acute is a typographical term. It means an accent that is used exclusively in the Hungarian language. It is used on the vowels o and u and it is also called as long umlaut.

Detailed Curriculum Vitaé as pdf (32 KB)

Bachelor of Design
Major in Communication Design
Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design

Undergraduate Fine Art, Major in Design Art
Concordia University

Certificate in Graphic Design
Concordia University

Introduction to Graphic Design
Dawson College

professional experience:
Currently Graphic User Interface Designer
In contract with Nokia Canada

Multimedia + Interactivity Designer
Lunny Communications Interactive Division

Multimedia Communications Designer
Top Producer Systems Homestore Company

other clients:
VillonFilms, Donat Group, Yael Wand, Crate Ideas, Mandula Moda, Nightshade Corsets and Clothing, Airwaves, Reel to Real

language skills:

Fluent in Hungarian (speak, read, write)
Fluent in English (speak, read, write)
Basics in French, German, Russian

design skills:
User Interface + Navigation Design
Information Architecture + Interactivity
Branding Design + Consultation
Typography for Print + Digital Media
Digital Sound + Video Editing
HTML + Flash Design
Multimedia Presentation
Understanding of the constraints involved in online media design
as well as experience in designing for cross platform systems

software skills:
Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, AfterEffects, Cleaner, some Final Cut Pro, Premier, Dreamweaver, Sound Edit, some Director, InDesign, QuarkXpress,

prefers working on Mac platform
PC literate

authorized to work:

In Canada, Hungary and in some of the member states of the European Union

2003 Flashgoddess Spotlight

2003 LoveBook Competition
Photo Artwork Finalist

2003 Afterchaos Research Article
The Use of Pixel Fonts

2002 Flashgoddess Designer Profile

1999 Sentio Ergo Sum
Interactive CD-ROM Proposal
ECIAD Grad Exhibit, Vancouver
Design Exchange, Toronto

1996 The Four Elements: Fire
Claymation on Film
Student Group Exhibition
Concordia University, Montreal

1995 Shelter for the Body
Cafe-X Group Exhibit
Concordia University, Montreal

design seminars attended:
2005 Inside the Music Industry
2005 The Work of Rick Valicenti
2004 Storytelling + Interactive Design
2004 Creativity vs. Usability
2004 The Power of the Brand
2004 Interactive Design + Usability
2004 EduGaming, E-Learning + Games
2004 Designing for the Olympics, GDC
2003 Driven by Design
2003 PRO-Creation Tools, Apple/Adobe
2003 Copyright Law II
2003 Copyright Law I
2002 The Future of Interactive Media

T: 604.879.4251
C: 604.726.9076

Touch screen designs for the Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Science and Technology Centre in Saudi Arabia while working as an independent communications designer in a nine months contract at The Lunny Communications Group Interactive Division.

FlowGaléria is an online exhibit space, a forum for artists and designers from
multidisciplinary areas. While being the curator and art director of the space it also allows me to showcase my own experiments in user interface design.

An email marketing tool utilized by realtors to connect effectively with their clients and their network by using fun interactive animations with sound. Created while working for a large software developer Top Producer Systems, a Homestore Company.

Interface and icon designs for various online and desktop software applications, created while working for a large software developer, Top Producer Systems a Homestore Company.

Various t-shirt graphics designed for a fundraising event. Work was done while employed by a large software developer Top Producer Systems, a Homestore Company.

Interface and client forms designed for an online software application, created while working for a large software developer, Top Producer Systems a Homestore Company.

Exhibition material, photography preparation and corrections. The exhibit is entitled Siliva the Zulu containing the works of Italian anthropologist Lidio Cipriani. The exhibit is curated by film director Peter Davis and is being shown in North America as well as Europe.

Logo design proposal for an online software package launched by a software developer Top Producer Systems, a Homestore Company.

Motion Graphics for a documentary film entitled Danube Blues about Europe’s largest river. The film was created and distributed by VillonFilms.

Storyboard is not yet available.

Various series of video cover designs for VillonFilms a documentary film maker and distributor located in Vancouver Canada.

Complete identity design, logo, business card, stationary design for a contemporary fashion design label Mandula Moda.

Web screen design proposal for a contemporary fashion design label Mandula Moda.

Complete web design including an
e-commerce component for a clothing company in Edmonton, Canada, Nightshade Corsets and Clothing. This site was done in a collaboration with another designer and a programmer.

Storyboard is not yet available.

Logo design for a company Crate Ideas selling gift packages containing exclusively Canadian products and distributed in handcrafted pine crates.

CD packaging design for Canadian folk singer Yael Wand for her debut album entitled Antinomy. Also, web screen design to aid the introduction of her debut album entitled Antinomy.

Images are not yet available.

Video and CD-ROM interface design in contract with Donat Group Enterprises for the Canadian Government to promote Fuel Cell Hydrogen Economy.

Storyboard is not yet available.

Web screen designs for a non-profit organization MediaVerx for their educational program in media awareness aimed at school children.

Currently under development.

Complete web screen design and html programming for a Children Film Festival Reel to Real, hosted in Vancouver.

Storyboard is not yet available.
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